Slide & Fold Doors
The system can manufacture enormous door sash height upto 9 feet and width upto 9 feet.
Opens up rooms in a particularly elegant and efficient way. All doors are foided in a space saving manner and conveniently slide to the side. Jn this manner, every room can be opened out fully, making use of the whole width; spacious access to the terrace, balcony or conservatory is provided.
The demand of slide and fold doors is growing rapidly as user see the advantages of opening up the front of their conservatory or house to take advantage of our climate and provide unobstructed access to the garden, terrace or balcony.

Application Range

  • Sash weight upto 80Kg per sash
  • Sash rebate width from 450mm upto 1200mm (active sash)
  • Sash rebate height from 600mm upto 2400mm